Brighton & Hove has been one of the main hubs of the UK skate scene since the seventies. The Level is one of the country’s oldest sites for skateboarding, with the park existing in various iterations for over 40 years. The seafront also has a long history with skating, with the West Pier previously housing a ramp under its walkway known as The Cage, along with various popular skating spaces along the coastline. Brighton was dubbed ‘Pig City’ due to the abundance of police interaction with skaters on the streets, especially around the original Churchill Square. The name leant itself to one of the first of Brighton’s skateboard shops, as well as a popular board brand at the time. Flip Skateboards, one of the largest skateboard companies in the world, has its roots in Brighton, starting out as Bash Skateboards before changing name and moving stateside in the early 1990s. In 2007 the skatepark at Hove Lagoon was built, creating a whole new generation of skaters in the city. Now between the Lagoon, the Level, the indoor skatepark at Brighton Youth Centre, other small parks around the area and throughout the city streets, skateboarding is still a big part of Brighton & Hove’s culture. The city’s skate community is made up of hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds. Brighton is also at the forefront of the UK’s female skate scene, which is constantly growing and making waves. The skateboarding figure is modelled on Liam Teague, from BYC skate park who has been skateboarding in the city since 2001 and spent his formative years skating at the Lagoon.